Draw a Curved Counter

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Curved counters are often achievable using a large radius on one or more corners.

Note: Complex curves and splines cannot be created in CounterGo. Since CounterGo's focus is generating a reasonable quote as quickly as possible, it is generally sufficient to approximate the shape with the intent of accounting for all of the material and labor required. When an approximation is not sufficient, a manual quote creation is recommended.

Sample of a complex curve that cannot be created directly in CounterGo.


  1. On Step 1: Draw Counter, create a rectangular top of the desired dimensions
  2. Step 2: Curves & Bumpouts, click a corner and select Radius... menu 
  3. Enter a radius value equal to the width of the counter

Advanced approximations

Using combinations of a radius edge and a radius corner, complicated shapes can be approximated on the drawing. It is important to note that square footage is estimated (see Related Articles).

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