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Use Label Printable Forms to configure the fields to display on inventory labels. Most labels are setup to fit on the edge of the slabs or wrap around the edge. Any size label can be used, but in general larger is better (more readable, more adhesive to keep it stuck to the slab).


  1. Select Inventory > Edit Settings menu.
  2. Click New Printable Form... button OR click a form template name and select 'Duplicate Form Template...'.
  3. Click the body of the form and select a data type:
    • Related Info - Display existing fields
      • Product Variant Info - Product, Serial Number, Purchase Order and Supplier fields
      • Barcode - Configure barcode size and text
      • Job Info - Information from jobs the serial number is allocated to
    • Formatting
      • Separator - for section headers to make the form more readable
      • Static Image - attach a BMP, JPEG, GIF or PNG file with the image to display
      • Static Text - for text to be displayed or to leave blank space
  4. Add more fields and modify the format. To change the look of forms:
    • Move a field by dragging & dropping. Display multiple fields on a single row by clicking on a field and dragging it next to another field until you see OR  
    • Click the Edit Form Info... button to change the field label position, font, text color and background color.
    • Double-click a field to change the display name and style settings. To make style changes to multiple fields, click  and click Edit Form Fields... button
    • Delete a field by clicking it and selecting Delete. To delete multiple fields, click  and select Delete Form Fields...
  5. Click Edit Form Info... button and enter the appropriate measurements
    • Enter page size and margins
    • If multiple labels per page, enter the number of rows and columns
  6. Print Labels
    • Multiple labels can be printed using the Print Labels... button on the Purchase Order Detail page
    • Individual labels can be printed by clicking on the serial number and selecting Print Label...
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