View Remnants

Inventory Edition only


On the  Inventory page, remnants can be displayed and sorted by the remnant designation. The 'Is Remnant' field will have a value of 'Yes' if the remnant was created on the Job Detail or Serial Number Detail pages.


  1. Select Inventory > View Inventory menu.
  2. Click Options... button.
  3. Click Select Fields... button.
  4. Click (D) Is Remnant, then click OK. Click OK again to return to Inventory page.
  5. Click the column header Is Remnant and select Sort descending to sort remnants to the top.
  6. (Optional) - Click Options and Add Filter to create a view that shows only remnants: 
  7. (Optional) Click the Save View... button and enter a name like 'Remnant View' to save. Click OK.
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