Add a Serial Number Custom Field

Inventory Edition only


Use a custom field to track additional information about a serial number, such as consignment information. The field will display on the  Serial Number Detail page and on the Select Serial Number dialog when allocating a serial number to a job. It can also be added to a View on the Inventory page. 

Warning: Deleting a custom field permanently deletes any information that had been entered for that field.


  1. Select Inventory > Edit Settings menu.
  2. Click New Serial Number Custom Field... button.
  3. Enter a name and select one of the following data types:
    • Auto-number - use to automatically assign the next sequential number.
    • Currency - only numbers are allowed. The field will print with a currency symbol and 2 decimal places.
    • Date - use to ensure a valid date is entered.
    • Link - use for a hyperlink to a website, or the location of a file or folder on your network. For a website, use the complete address such as For a folder on your local network use the format \\machinename\sharefile\foldername.
      NOTE: The names cannot contain any spaces. Local network links aren't supported by Mozilla Firefox. Use Internet Explorer instead.
    • List of values - use when you want to define the values for selection from a drop-down list.
    • Multi-line text - use for long data entry fields such as notes.
    • Number - only numbers are allowed.
    • Text - use for data entry fields up to 80 characters.
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