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For purchase products with a long delivery lead time, it is advisable to define an inventory threshold. JobTracker warns whenever inventory falls below the number specified for a product so more can be ordered. Simple inventory thresholds can be setup using on-hand inventory only, or setup more sophisticated thresholds that account for soon-to-be-received and soon-to-be-used inventory.


  1. Go to Inventory > View Inventory.
  2. Click the desired product variant and select New Inventory Threshold... to display the Create New Inventory Threshold dialog box.

    The product variant is shown near the top of the dialog box and there are 3 values to fill in.

    • To base your threshold strictly on the inventory you have in stock. Enter zeros in the first two boxes and enter the minimum number you want to have on hand before being warned in the "Warn if total" box.
    • To take into account the items you have on order or already allocated enter the number of days out you want to include for items on order and items that will be consumed in the appropriate boxes. In the "Warn if total" box enter the minimum number you want to have on hand before being warned.
  3. To modify or delete a threshold, click on the formula displayed in the Threshold column on the Inventory page.
    NOTE: If you don't see the threshold column, click Options..., then Select Fields... button.
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