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When you start tracking inventory for a product, the number you currently have in stock must be entered as the starting point in JobTracker. You do that by creating a purchase order with the products and their starting counts and then receiving the purchase order. If you want to be able to create a view of all your remnant pieces you'll need to either add the remnants individually* or send us a spreadsheet that we can load for you.

Note: Moraware Support can import existing inventory data from a spreadsheet. Contact us to discuss the details.

Step-by-step: Set current stock using a purchase order

  1. Go to Purchasing > New PO...
  2. Select a Supplier and Cost List and click OK.
  3. In the PO Lines section, click Add > Product... and select the desired products from the list. Enter the number on hand.
  4. If the desired product is not on the list then the product was not added to the cost list you selected when creating the purchase order. You will need to create a purchase order for each supplier for which you have product on hand.
  5. When have finished selecting products and entering counts, click the Receive PO... button, then click OK to receive the products and add the amounts to the inventory count. For products being tracked by serial number, JobTracker will generate a serial number. Change the serial number later, if desired.

Step-by-step: Add current stock of remnant pieces individually

  1. Go to Inventory > View Inventory.
  2. In the Product Variant column click any product variant and select View Inventory Transactions for 'product variant'
  3. On the Inventory Transactions page, click the Options... button.
  4. Click on the Select button to select the product, color etc.
    Below the  Options button, the Product Variant listed should match the remnant you want to enter. If it doesn't click on the Options button to select the correct product variant.
  5. Click on the New Serial Number button (if you don't see this button, go to Edit Purchase Products, edit the product and click in the checkbox for "track by serial number").
  6. On the Create New Serial Number dialog, enter the measurements, unit cost and click in the checkbox for Remnant
    If desired, you can also enter the batch number, description or inventory location.
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