Getting Started with JobTracker Inventory

JobTracker helps you manage your inventory and anticipate when to order more. You can view a summary of your inventory including material that is in your shop, on order from a supplier, or allocated to a job.

  1. Schedule Jobs on the Calendar
    You must schedule your jobs in JobTracker in order to track inventory in JobTracker. Inventory is depleted when a job activity with allocated material is marked complete.
  2. Set up Purchase Products and Purchase Orders
    You must also set up the Purchase Order module, including purchase products.
  3. Identify Products You Want to Track
    You do not have to track all of your products. Only products selected for inventory tracking will appear on your inventory report. When you select a product for inventory tracking, JobTracker keeps track of how much you have in stock based on how much you order, receive and use. You may want to track some products by serial numbers. It is more work to track by serial number because you will have to enter the serial number on the purchase order and the job allocated to, but you will know the status of each individual piece from the time it is received until it leaves your shop. If you are not sure if you want to track by serial number, start out without them. You can add them later if you wish.
  4. Enter the Inventory Starting Point
    For each product you want to track, the number you currently have in stock must be entered in JobTracker.  How to enter inventory starting points.
  5. Set up Inventory Locations for serialized products (Optional)
    If desired you can set up inventory locations such as bin numbers or site locations.
  6. Define Inventory Thresholds (Optional)
    For products with a long lead time for delivery, you may want to define an inventory threshold. JobTracker warns you whenever inventory falls below the number you specified for a product so you can order more. You can set up simple inventory thresholds using on-hand inventory only, or you can set up more sophisticated thresholds that account for soon-to-be-received and soon-to-be-used inventory.
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