Delete a Purchase Product

Inventory Edition only 


Once a product has been used on a purchase order, job or inventory transaction, you can not delete the product completely unless you remove the product from the purchase orders, jobs and delete the inventory transactions. However, you can remove the product from the cost list so it is not available for selection on a purchase order.


  1. Go to Purchasing > Edit Costs.
  2. Click Options... button and select the desired product and "All Suppliers".
  3. In the Product column, click on the name of the product and select "Delete" 'product name' from 'supplier cost list'. (Note: If Cost groups or costs have been entered, you will receive a warning that they will be deleted.) Repeat this step for each Supplier Cost list containing the product.
  4. Click the Edit Purchase Products button.
  5. In the Product column, click the purchase product name and select Delete menu

NOTE: A message that the product cannot be deleted because it is used on a purchase order, job or inventory transaction, yields two choices:

  • Make the product inactive. In the Product column, click the purchase product name and select Edit Product 'product name' and check the Inactive box. If desired, rename the product or move it to a different product family so it sorts to the bottom of the Edit Purchase Products page. Inactive products can be hidden by clicking near the top of the page and deselecting 'Display Inactive'.
  • Remove the product from all purchase orders, jobs and delete the inventory transactions. To find where a purchase product is used, view the inventory transactions and look in the reference column. (On the inventory transactions page, click the Options button and change the date to view transactions prior to today's date.)
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