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Cost lists are a set of products purchased from a supplier along with their associated cost. When a supplier is added, a cost list named 'Standard' is automatically created. Only add a cost list for suppliers that offer multiple rates such as a standard rate and a bulk rate.

When creating a purchase order, the cost list will determine which products and costs are displayed.

Step-by-step: Add a Cost List

  1. Go to Purchasing > Edit Costs.
  2. Click Edit Cost Lists button.
  3. Click the New Cost List... button.
  4. Select the supplier and type in a name.

Step-by-step: Delete a Cost List

The 'Standard' Cost list cannot be deleted unless the associated supplier is deleted. Other cost lists can be deleted if they don't have associated products or purchase orders.

  1. Go to Purchasing > Edit Costs.
  2. Click Edit Cost Lists button.
  3. Click the cost list in the Cost List column and select Delete.

Additional Information

Step-by-step: Remove product from a cost list

  1. Go to Purchasing > Edit Costs.
  2. Click the Options... button.
  3. Select the Supplier and click OK.
  4. Find the cost list in the Cost List column -- click the Product and select Delete 'product' from 'cost list'.

Step-by-step: Identify POs for a cost list

To identify the purchase orders for a cost list, generate a report:

  1. Go to Report > New Report.
  2. Change Report Type to Purchase Order and Display Type to Table and click OK.
  3. Click Options...
  4. Click Select Fields... button and select Supplier Name, Cost List and PO Number.
  5. Click Add Filter... button and select Filter Type - Supplier Field and then select the Supplier Name.
  6. The Report - Options dialog will look something like this:
  7. Using the report, edit the purchase order to change the cost list or delete the Purchase Order.
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