Sample View - Jobs not Installed yet


Job Views function as "To Do Lists" for different people in your company.

Example Job View: Uninstalled Jobs

This sample view shows all active Jobs where the install activity has not been completed or cancelled.

  1. Select Jobs::View Jobs menu
  2. Click Options... button
  3. In the Jobs - Options dialog, select Status = 'Active', then click the Add Filter... button
  4. In the Filter Jobs window, select Filter Type = 'Job Activity Status'. Choose 'At least one' and check 'Install' in the Find Jobs having section. For Status is, select 'one of' and check ['Auto-Schedule' + 'Estimate' + 'Confirmed' + 'In Progress']. Click OK.
  5. (optional) Adjust the fields to be included in the view by clicking the Select Fields... button.
  6. (optional) Save as a Shared View by clicking Save View... and select Shared View Name. Enter a descriptive name and click OK.
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