Add New Granite/Material Colors

Inventory Edition only


This article provides instructions for adding new granite colors. The same process is used for adding colors for other materials, sink models, etc.

Step-by-step: Adding new granite colors

  1. Add new colors
    1. Go to Purchasing > Edit Purchase Products.
    2. To limit the list length, click Options... button and select the product 'Granite'.
    3. In the Attribute column click on Granite Color and select New 'Granite Color'... 
    4. Type in the names of the new colors, for example: Almond Mauve and Azul Carmel.
      Tip: if entering several colors, consider copying & pasting from a spreadsheet or document.
  2. Enter Cost
    1. In the Supplier - Cos:t List column click on Edit Costs for supplier name >>'product name' .
    2. Click on (No Cost) in the Cost column to enter a cost for each product variant.
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