Turn CounterGo Quote into a Job in JobTracker

Requires JobTracker


If you have both CounterGo and JobTracker a completed Quote can be converted to a JobTracker Job. The name, salesperson, address and account information will transfer to JobTracker as a new Job.


  1. Select Quote::View Quotes
  2. Double-click the Quote name
  3. Click the applicable button to create a Job based on the Quote:
  • For a Stand Alone quote, click
  • For an Account Quote, click

Upon clicking the button, you'll be taken to the Job Detail page in JobTracker where you can double-click the Activities to schedule the Job.

NOTE: If you would like to assign a Stand Alone quote to an Account you created in JobTracker, but you do not see that Account available when you click the Create Account/Job From Quote button, then you must first open the Account in JobTracker and assign a CounterGo Price List. See Related Articles below.

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