Receive a Purchase Order

Inventory Edition only


  1. Select Purchasing > View Purchase Orders.
  2. Double-click the PO number of the purchase order being received.
  3. Click the Receive PO... button.
  4. For non-serialized products only Received Qty and Description appear. Serialized products have additional fields as shown:

    • If necessary, change received qty and measurements of the actual slabs.
    • If the product is serialized, optionally enter a batch number and inventory location.
    • If receiving multiple slabs with different measurements, click Add Measurements button.
  5. When you click OK the items will display in the PO receipts section and be added to the On Hand Qty in Inventory.

    • (optional) To allocate a serial number to a job, click (Available), then click the Select... button. Doing so shows all jobs with the product variant allocated, but no serial number selected. Click the Job name. Adjust the allocated sq. ft., if necessary.
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