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Suppliers are the companies or vendors for whom you create purchase orders in JobTracker.


Note: Moraware Support can do an initial load of your supplier information, if you provide us with an export file from QuickBooks or Peachtree.

To add a supplier:

  1. Select Purchasing > View Suppliers.
  2. Click the New Supplier... button and enter the Supplier Name. A cost list named "Standard" will automatically be created when you create the supplier. If your supplier has different rates for drop shipments etc. you can create an additional cost list for the supplier.
  3. Click on the Edit Supplier... button and enter the tax rate for the supplier. This tax rate will be used when you create a purchase order for this supplier.
  4. Click on the Edit Address... button and enter the address, phone number etc.
  5. Add product(s) to the supplier's cost list.
    • Go to Purchasing > Edit Costs.
    • Click Add Product to Cost List... button.
    • Select the Supplier - Cost ListProduct and if desired copy costs from another supplier cost list.
    • If you want to enter the product cost manually each time you create a purchase order you can skip the remaining step.
    • To enter costs, see step 8 of Adding Purchase Products and Entering Costs for instructions.
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