Color Code Calendar by Job Type


Use the Color Activities By feature when creating a Calendar View to display activities color coded by different fields. For example, a custom field 'Job Type' adds the ability to color code jobs by 'Solid Surface' or 'Stone'.


  1. Add a Job Custom Field or Job Form Field named Job Type
  2. Select 'List of Values' for the data type, entering values such as 'Solid Surface' and 'Stone', utilizing the checkboxes to color-code each value.
  3. Click the newly added field name and select Edit List of Values to assign a color to each value.
  4. On the Job Detail page, enter values in the new Job Type field for each of the jobs.
  5. Go to Calendar::View Calendar
  6. Click Options... button
  7. Click the button to the right of the Color Activities By, choose Job Type then click OK.
  8. Click OK again to return to the Calendar page.
  9. (optional) To save the view, click Save View... and enter a name.
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