Print the Calendar


The calendar can be printed as it appears on the screen or it can be printed in an alternate format using Calendar Printable Forms (see Related Articles).

Step-by-step: print as it appears on the screen

Note: To prevent the URL, date/time, etc from printing, change the web browser print settings (see Related Articles).

  1. On web browser menu bar select File::Print.
  2. To change the font size, on web browser menu bar select View::Text Size
  3. To print the grid lines between the days, change your web browser setting.
    • In Internet Explorer
      1. Click the Tools button, point to Print and then click Page setup
      2. Check the box for "print background colors and images" and click OK
    • In Firefox
      1. Select File\Page Setup
      2. Click the "Format & Options" tab,
      3. Check the box for Print Background (colors & images).

Note: The purpose of the setting is to save printer ink by not printing unnecessary background colors and images. You may want to disable this option when you're finished printing if you don't want to end up with full color versions of all Web pages you print.

To print the calendar information in a different format:

Print all the items on the calendar for a given day or to just print the information for specific activity types or assignees by creating using a Calendar Printable Form (see Related Articles).

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