Add Job Material to a Purchase Order

Inventory Edition only


If unserialized material for a serialized product is already allocated to a job activity, you can automatically add that material to a purchase order. This approach is typically useful when you are special ordering material for a customer


  1. On Job Detail page, click New Purchase Order... button.
  2. Select the Supplier, Cost List and Ship-to-Location.
  3. Click on the job name and select "Add Material from Job to this PO....".
  4. Only products associated with this supplier and allocated to activities that have not yet been completed are displayed. Modify the quantity or just click OK to automatically add the allocated material to the PO. You can attach multiple jobs to a single PO, but it's more common to create a separate PO for each special order material purchase.

If you also want to print labels before the material arrives, see related article for assigning serial numbers before receiving material.

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