Setup a Purchase Order

Inventory Edition only


This article provides an overview of the steps to start using Purchase Orders. For detailed instructions, read  Getting Started with Inventory Edition.

Overview Steps

  1. Customize the Purchase Order Form (see Related Articles)
    Enter the text for the header and footer, plus add custom fields.
  2. Set Up Suppliers (See [A] & [B] in Figure 1.) (see Related Articles)
    Enter the information for companies that supply you with goods. When you add a supplier, JobTracker creates a "Standard" Cost List for the supplier.  
  3. Set Up Purchase Products (See [C] & [D ] in Figure 1.) (see Related Articles)
    You can create purchase orders without completing the remaining steps but by setting up purchase products, you can select the products from a list to add them onto the purchase order. Another advantage is that inventory counts will automatically be updated when a purchase order is created or received.
    1. Enter the products you purchase from each supplier.
    2. Assign each purchase product to the cost list of the supplier providing the product. Each purchase order is associated with a supplier's cost list. Only the products in the selected cost list will be available for selection as a product line on the purchase order.
  4. Create Cost Groups and Enter Costs (See [E] & [F] in Figure 1.) (see Related Articles)
    If you do not want to maintain costs in JobTracker, this step is not necessary. Cost groups are groups of product variants you purchase for the same cost. Product variants are all the possible combinations of the attribute values defined for a product such as color and model number. 
  5. Create a Purchase Order (see Related Articles)

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