Set Work Days & Work Hours on Calendar

Workdays have a white background and non-workdays have a grayed out background on calendar views, so it's easy to see days that should and shouldn't typically have activities scheduled. 

Note that you can still schedule activities for non-workdays, but that should be the exception, not the rule (otherwise, it should be a workday - for example, if you often schedule activities for Saturday, then it should probably be a workday). 

Work hours are different - you can't schedule activities outside work hours at all. If you leave the time empty on an activity or appointment, it will display as Unscheduled on calendar views that show time details.

Step-by-step: Setting Work Days / Work Hours

  1. Select Calendar > Edit Settings menu
  2. Click Calendar Settings tab
  3. Click Edit Settings... button and adjust the work days / hours accordingly.

You can schedule activities even on non-work days, but you can't set a start time before your Scheduling Hours start (or set a duration that would cause them to end after).

Additional Information:

For some calendar display types, you can expand hours for that specific calendar:

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