Sample Quote Form: Drawing & Layout only

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Sometimes it is desirable to print only the drawing and layout information (without any pricing details).

Note: Creating a Printable Quote Form requires either Administrator rights or the security role to Edit Settings.


  1. Select Quote::Edit Settings... menu
  2. Select Forms
  3. Click New Printable Form... button and enter a name. Click OK 
  4. Add Quote info to the Printable Form:
    1. Click the bottom of the form - Click to add fields to the body of the form
    2. Select Data Type: 'Quote Info' / Name: 'Quote Address'
    3. Click Add Field... button, select Data Type: 'Quote Info'
    4. Click Select... button and check 'Quote Name', 'Created Date', 'Revision Date'
    5. Click OK
  5. Click the  Quote Address area, select Edit 'Quote Address' menu
  6. Click Configure... button and uncheck any fields to be removed. Click OK
  7. Click bottom of form to add a fields to the body of the form
  8. Select Data Type: 'Drawing'. Click OK 
  9. (optional) Add layout to form: 
    1. Click bottom of form to add a fields to the body of the form
    2. Select Data Type: 'Layout'. Click OK
    3. (optional) Click Layout area and select Edit 'CG-Quote Slab Layout'... menu, check Include Slab Images. Click OK

Download and Import this Sample Form

To import this form into your CounterGo environment:

  1. Download For Shop (Drawing & Layout only)
    Tip: remember where the file is downloaded.
  2. Import the downloaded file into CounterGo (see Related Articles below)

Screenshot of Sample