Sample View - Job: Installs in past 30 days


Job Views can be created for very specific lists of jobs.

In this case, a list of installs in the last 30 days, with the job addresses.


  1. Select Jobs::View Jobs menu
  2. Click Options... button
  3. In the Status drop-down list, choose All Statuses
  4. Click Add Filter...
  5. In the Find Jobs having section, check the box next to Install
  6. in the occurs after section, pick 30 days ago
  7. in the and before section, pick 0 days ago
  8. Click OK
  9. Click Select Fields...
  10. From the left-hand column, choose fields by clicking on them.
  11. On the right side, rearrange columns by dragging them, or click X to remove them from the view.
  12. (optional) To save the view, click the Save View... button and type a name. Click OK. The view will now appear as one of the choices under the Views button.
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