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Most of the time, a job view or calendar view is sufficient to show information about activities. Sometimes, the additional power and flexibility that reports provide is needed. 

Example - Report of Activity Details

  1. Select Report::New... menu
  2. Change Display type to 'Table' and click OK
  3. The resulting report isn't very interesting yet, so click the Options... button
  4. Click Select...
  5. Choose Job Activity as the Subject Area and Activity Date as the Time Field
  6. Click Select Fields... button and choose appropriate Job Activity (and Job) fields. Choosing any field from Job Activity causes the report to show more detail (1 row for each job activity). Including the Job Name gives you the ability to go to that job directly from the report.
  7. Hit OK and OK again to see the report
  8. Click the headings to sort and Save Report... if you want to return to the same report later
  9. To only show certain types of activities or filter another way. To do so, click Options... and Add Filter...
  10. There are many powerful ways to filter. For example, you can choose just Lead activities by filtering on Process

Example - Total Duration by Job

After you've been tracking the duration of your job activities (Template, Fabrication, Install... for example), you may want to see how long you're spending on every job. You can find the total duration of all activities, or just look at the durations of specific activities. Here's how.

  1. Select Report::New
  2. Change the value for Display type: to 'Table'. Click OK
  3. Click Options...
  4. Click Select... button to the right of Measure and select "Job Activity" for the Subject Area and then select "Total Duration" by "Job Creation Date" and click OK
  5. Click OK again to see the report. 
  6. (optional) To save the report, click Save Report... and type in a name.

Example - Duration of only Install activities

  1. Go to Report::New
  2. Change the value for Display type: to Table, and then click OK
  3. Click on Options...
  4. Click on Select... to the right of Measure and select "Job Activity" for the Subject Area and then select "Total Duration" by "Activity Date" and click OK
  5. Click on Add Filter...
    • Select "Job Activity Field" for Filter Type
    • Select "Activity Type" for the Activity Fields and then select the Install activity
      and click  OK on the Filter Report Data dialog box.
      The  Report-Options dialog box should look something like this:
  6. Click OK to display the results.
  7. (optional) To save the report, click Save Report... and type in a name.
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