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Reports support built-in JobTracker fields as well as custom fields. Reports can be saved as a personal report (only available to the user who created it) or a shared report.

Reports can help you view your data in ways that Job views cannot ... for this example, we'll make a report that shows job and activity details that can be sorted by dates within a phase - you can't do this with a job view, because there are multiple dates for each type of activity.

General Process

Start by creating a basic report, then use the  Options... button to select fields to display and add filters to limit the data. 

Example - Total Duration by Activity Date by Phase

  1. Go to Report::New...
  2. Click OK (accept default settings)
  3. Click the Options... button
  4. Select the values for the following fields and then click OK
    • Measure - click the Select... button
      • Subject Area - Job Activity
      • by Time Field: - Install Date (this is the field that determines whether a row will show up within the Time Selection of the report - choose the Time Field that is most useful for your situation) - select First in Phase if you are using phases.
      • Measure: - Total Duration (other options may be more useful for your situation)
    • Display Fields - click Select Fields... button and check Job NameJob Phase NameFirst Template in Phase Date, etc. 
    • Experiment with adding a Time field like Month
    • Click OK
    • Display type - select 'Table'
    • Your options should look something like this:
  5. To save the report, click the Save Report... button and enter a name.

The report will look something like this:

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