Using Appointments


Use appointments to block / identify time on the calendar for something not associated with a job. For example, employees scheduled time off or company meetings

Quick Reference

  • To schedule a new appointment:
    • click anywhere on the calendar and select New Appointment
    • click the New Appointment button near top of the page.
  • To reschedule an appointment:
    • drag and drop it on the calendar
    • double-click the appointment to change the date or time
  • To change the information on an appointment:
    • click on the item and select Edit
    • double-click on the item
  • To change the status of an appointment, click the item and choose the desired Change Status menu option.
  • If an appointment isn't appearing on the calendar, click the Options... button and click the Select.. button to add the appointment as one of the Activity Types included on the calendar.
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