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The Change Log for a job shows who changed what information, including the old value and the new value. JobTracker logs changes to job information fields, job activity fields and job form fields. You can also find out who deleted a job from an account. Note that the change log only records changes -- viewing information and searching is not tracked by the change log.

Step-by-step: View Job Activity Change Log

  1. To see changes for a Job Activity, go to either:
    • Calendar > View Calendar menu
    • Job > View Jobs menu
  2. Click on the Job Activity and select View Change Log menu Example Change Log for job activity fields:

Step-by-step: View Job Form Change Log

  1. To see changes made to form fields, on the Job Detail page click the form name and select View Change Log
  2. Example change log for job form fields:

Step-by-step: View Job Change Log

  1. To see all the changes to a job, go to Job > View Jobs
  2. Click the Job name and select View Change Log Example change log for a job:

Step-by-step: View Account Change Log

  1. To see the jobs added or deleted from an account, on the Change Log page, click on the Account Name and select View Change Log for 'account name'
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