Using Job Phases


Job Phases are used to separate groups of unrelated activities, files and forms on a single job.

Job Phases affect the following areas:

  • Printing related job forms from the printable view of the calendar
  • Printing activity packets from the printable view of the calendar
  • Displaying form fields as text for activities on the calendar
  • Subtotaling numeric form fields on the calendar
  • Displaying activity info on a form
  • Using the reports page to display activity info and form fields
  • Determining the date for an activity with status of auto-schedule
  • Determining if a warning should be displayed for activities being scheduled out-of-order based on the dependencies


In this example, the kitchen for a customer has been completed and now they want a bathroom done.

  1. On the Job Detail page, click on the New Job Phase... button.

  2. Type in a Phase Name and in the Create New Items section, select a Job Template, and/or select individual activities and forms to add for your phase.

  3. The activities and form are added to the job and associated with the Bath phase as shown below. You can now schedule the activities as usual. If you print the job forms from the printable view of the calendar, only the forms associated with the same phase as the activity will print.

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