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Using JobTracker over time, it may become apparent that some Custom Fields end up not being used. To remove the custom field from a Job Detail or Account page without losing historical information entered in these fields, make them inactive instead of deleting them. Making a field or value inactive will prevent it from showing up on new records, but will still display them on previous records, if a value was entered.

Inactivate Custom Fields

  1. Go to where the custom field exists: Account>Edit Settings for Account fields or Job>Edit Settings for Job fields.
  2. Click the custom field name and select Edit 'field name'
  3. Check the Inactive check box

Inactivate Custom Field Values

  1. Go to where the custom field exists: Account::Edit Settings, Job::Edit Settings, etc.
  2. Click the field name and select Edit List of values
  3. Double-click the value to edit and check the Inactive check box
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