Delete / Disable a Job Form Template


When a Job Form Template is no longer needed, the form template can be made inactive or deleted. 

Warning: When deleting a Form Template, any information that had been entered on that form in any Job will be permanently lost. It is nearly always preferable to make a Form Template inactive instead of deleting it.

Step-by-step: Make a Form Template Inactive

  1. Select Job::Edit Settings menu
  2. Click the Form Template name and select Edit Form Info... 

  3. Check the Inactive checkbox. Click OK 

Delete a Form Template (rarely used)

Warning: See previous warning.

To delete a Form Template, you must first delete all the fields on the form (which is a hassle - have you considered making the Form Template Inactive?).

  1. Go to Job::Edit Settings
  2. Double-click the Form Template name
  3. Click the Delete Fields... button
  4. Click on Select All 

    For fields with a data type of  List of Values you have to delete the list before you can delete the field.

    1. Click on the field and select Edit list of values
    2. Click Delete... 
    3. Highlight all the values and click OK
  5. When all the fields are deleted, click the back button on your browser or your backspace key to return to the Job Settings page
  6. Click the Form Template name and select Delete

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