Add / Remove an Assignee


Assignees are people or other resources who will be assigned activities and appointments.

Assignees are simply names, so they mean what you want them to mean. Most companies include their employees as assignees, but to avoid confusion and double-booking, each employee should only be listed once (in other words, if Patrick is logically part of the "Install Team" assignee, then he probably shouldn't also be listed as Patrick in assignees).

There's not a built-in way to make "levels" of assignees, but you can color code assignees (see below) to help distinguish different resources (for example, all office people might be yellow and all field crew might be green). It's also common to put a prefix before names if you grow beyond 20 people or so (Office: Joe, Office: Mary, and Fab: Joe might all be different assignees).

Step-by-step: Add Assignee

  1. Select Job > Edit Assignees menu
  2. Click the New Assignee button and type the assignee names (one per line).
  3. (optional) To select a color for the assignee's activities on the calendar or to change the order in which the assignee name displays, click the name, and select Edit Assignee 'assignee name'...
  4. Edit calendar views to include the new assignees if applicable.
    1. Go to Calendar > View Calendar
    2. Click Options...
    3. Click Select... at right of Assigned To:
    4. Select the assignees and then click OK. (NOTE: To see activities for all assignees, leave the field blank.) Click OK again to return to the Calendar.
    5. (optional) To save this view, click Save View... button, type a name and click OK.

Step-by-step: Remove Assignees

Typically it is better to make assignees inactive as opposed to deleting them. If you delete an assignee, the assignee is also deleted from all records in the system.

  1. Go to Job > Edit Assignees
  2. Double-click the assignee name and select the checkbox for Inactive

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