JobTracker Tips & Tricks

  • How do I change the status of a job to complete?
    A job's status will change to "Complete" as soon as all of the activities for that job have a status of complete. You can change the status of an activity to "Complete" anywhere that activity appears - on the Calendar, Jobs, Account Detail or Job Detail pages.
  • How can I see who changed what?
    change log is kept for job information, job activity and job form fields. To view the list of the changes, click on the Job Name and select "View Change Log"
  • How do I view the completed jobs?
    On Jobs page, click Options... button to create a view with "Complete" selected in the Status field.
  • How do I put a job on hold?
    Add a  job issue or create a job custom field to indicate that a job is on hold.
  • How do I add a job number?
    To number your existing jobs and have JobTracker assign the next available number for new jobs,  add a job custom field with the data type "Auto-number".
  • How can I track jobs for each shop location?
    Add a job custom field. Use the data type "List of values" and create a value for each shop location. Then add a filter on the Jobs and Calendarpages using your new field.
  • How can I view the jobs for all my Home Depot or Lowe's accounts?
    Add an account custom field. Use the data type "List of values" and create values for "Home Depot", "Lowe's" etc. Then add a filter on the Jobsand Calendar pages using your new field.
  • How do I delete a job?
    On the  Jobs page or Job Detail page, click on the Job Name and select delete. If there is a Quote or Attached File, remove it from the Job Detail page before deleting the job.
  • How do I change the time stamp displayed?
    JobTracker uses your server's clock to determine the current time. If the time is incorrect, change the clock on the server that is running JobTracker. If your database is being hosted, you can change the time zone under Admin > System Settings.
  • How do I modify an attached file?
    When attaching a file, a copy of the "source" file is stored on the server where JobTracker is installed. If a change is made to the source file the change will not be reflected in JobTracker until the file is reattached. Likewise, if you open an attached file in JobTracker and make a change to it, you can save the changed file on your computer but you will have to reattach the file to JobTracker in order to see the change reflected there.

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