Importing Job / Account Data from a spreadsheet

Import is powerful & unforgiving. Proceed with CAUTION.

Rather than using this feature, we prefer to import your data for you. The Import function was intended for internal Moraware use, and can make a mess if you import data you didn’t intend to or if the data is not formatted correctly.

Before using it, experiment with small amounts of data, and please call us if you have questions.

If you have existing job information already in an excel spreadsheet or .csv file, you can use Import Data to manually import Job or Account data. *Imports Inventory, if subscribed to JobTracker Inventory Edition.

Bonus Words of Caution

  • When importing Jobs, the Accounts must already exist within JobTracker.
  • If using Auto Map Columns, very carefully double-check that the fields were mapped correctly.
  • Existing Jobs cannot be updated via the import - only new Jobs can be added.


  1. Select Admin::Import Data menu
  2. Click Upload File… and choose a .CSV file
  3. For the Subject Area, choose Job or Account to import names and addresses.
  4. Carefully map the import columns to fields in JobTracker.
    1. In the Columns menu, choose Map Columns to JobTracker Fields…
    2. Auto Map Columns is NOT recommended -- it is safest to manually map columns by clicking No Mapping.
  5. (optional) click a Column header to format, split or merge data columns.
  6. Resolve all errors or warnings. Clicking on a warning icon will allow viewing of error details. Alternatively, click on Error Count or Warning Count to see all errors at once.
  7. Once everything looks good, click on Import…
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