Using Shop Settings / Shop Users

Shop Users were designed to make it easy for a user to see a list of their assigned activities in priority order and to update activity statuses to provide real time activity status to everyone in the organization.

Shop users see a simplified, mobile-friendly interface that allows them to view specified activities. The shop user is limited to clicking Start when they begin an activity and Complete when the activity is finished.  Note: the strength of shop users is tracking the time they spend on jobs, not for use as a timeclock that you could use for payroll purposes.

Shop users can be added in JobTracker at no additional monthly cost.

To see shop settings in action, watch this video!


Before you can turn on shop settings, you have to:

  • Create the fabrication activity types that you want to track
  • Create job views that show the flow of work through your shop
  • Have a strong shop manager in place who "runs the show" and can fix problems with any jobs that were started or stopped accidentally

This last point is super important - shop users can ONLY click Start and Stop - if they do so accidentally (and they will), then you need a manager who's a strong JobTracker user to fix things. Shop settings are ultimately a form of communication - a shortcut so that your shop workers don't have to tell the shop manager "I'm starting the CNC for the Jones job" - but you need the manager in place FIRST before you can take advantage of the shortcut.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Create 'In Progress' job activity status
    1. Select Job > Edit Settings menu
    2. Select Activities Statuses tab
    3. Click New Activity Status... button
    4. Enter a Name 'In Process', Abbreviation 'IP', select a color for the status. Click OK
  2. Assign statuses to Start & Complete
    1. Select Admin > Shop Settings menu
    2. Select Settings tab
    3. Click Configure Start/Stop Buttons...
    4. Select 'In Process' for start status and 'Complete' for stop status. Click OK 
  3. Create views for shop users
    1. Go to Admin > Shop Settings
    2. Select Views tab
    3. Click New Shop View... button
    4. Make the desired selections and click OK.
      (NOTE: Use (Myself) on 'Show Only Activities Assigned To' to limit access to the assignee for each user. If you want all your shop users to view the same type of information you only need to create one shop view.)
    5. Click OK.
  4. Create shop users
    1. Go to Admin > Shop Settings
    2. Click New User... button and complete the following:
    • User Name: Enter the name the shop user will use to sign on to Moraware JobTracker
    • Password: Enter the password the shop user will use to sign on to Moraware JobTracker
    • Confirm Password: Enter the same password for verification
    • Full Name: (optional) Enter the shop user's full name
    • Email Address: (optional) Enter the shop user's email address
    • Assignee: (optional) Select Assignee associated with this user. If selected it will be substituted for (Myself) on views.
    • Login from anywhere : (optional) Deselect this check-box to specify login locations
    • Must Change Password: (optional) Click this check-box to force user to change their password on initial login
    • Displayed Views: Select specific shop view(s) or All
    • Security Restrictions
      Restrict user to specific activity type(s) or All
      Restrict user to only see activites for specified assignees, or select All Assignees
  5. Impersonate the shop user to verify access
    1. Click the user name and select Impersonate user 'user name'
    2. After verifying they have the appropriate access, click Stop Impersonating: 'user name'
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