Create a Customer Account


Accounts are the builders, dealers, contractors, and customers that you sell to. Every Job must have an Account.

New JobTracker Customer? Moraware Support can do the initial load of your customer information if you provide us with the export file from QuickBooks or Peachtree.


To add an Account:

  1. Select Account::New... menu
  2. Enter a name and assign a Price List to that Account.
  3. (optional) To edit the account information fields, click Edit Account... button.
    Field definitions:
    • Account Name  Edit name if desired.
    • Salesperson  Any jobs or quotes for this customer will be automatically assigned to the salesperson selected.
    • Create Separate Address for Jobs  If the box is unchecked, the Job Address will be same as Account Address until you enter a separate job address. If the box is checked, the Job Address will be blank until you enter a separate job address. For a dealer like Home Depot or Lowes you would check this box.
    • Accounting ID  Leave blank for now. This field connects the account in JobTracker to the corresponding account in Peachtree or QuickBooks. It will be filled in later if you export your data to Peachtree or QuickBooks.
    • Notes Enter any comments you have about the account.
    • Inactive  Click this check-box when you no longer want to create quotes or jobs for this customer.
  4. (Optional) To edit the account address fields, click the Edit Address... button and enter the desired values.
  5. (Optional) To add a new account contact, click New Contact... button. A contact is someone from the account with whom you communicate. You can enter a primary contact in the account address information but this field gives you the opportunity to enter additional contacts.
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