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  1. Select Job::New menu
  2. Enter a Job Name, select an Account and select a template, if more than one Job Template is defined.
  3. The top four sections of the page contain general job information, contacts, and addresses. You can edit any of these sections by clicking on the button at the top of each section.
  4. The next section shows the activities for the job based on the Job Template you selected when creating the job. To schedule the job, click on an Activity and select Edit 'activity name'
  5. Enter the Start Date, Sched. Time, Duration and Assigned To fields. After you click OK, the job activity will be updated on the Job Detail page.
    • Job activities with a default status of Auto-Schedule and a dependency on a scheduled activity will automatically be scheduled.
    • Any other job activities will need to be scheduled manually.
  6. Once an activity has a start date, it will display on the calendar. You can change the job schedule on the Job Detail page but using the Calendar is the simplest way to modify the schedule.
    • It is important to change the status of each activity to "Complete" once it is done. This will enable you to create views to identify activities needing attention. You can change the status of a job activity to "Complete" anywhere the activity appears - the Calendar, Jobs, or Job Detail pages.
    • A job's status will change to "Complete" as soon as all of the activities for that job have a status of complete.
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