Creating a Job Form


Job Forms allow you to build custom forms such as a work order or an install check list. For example, job forms can be used to collect the cabinet, sink, edge detail and color selections. You can have multiple copies of a form on a single job; one for each room or area. See Related Articles below for sample forms.


  1. Select Job::Edit Settings menu and click Forms

  2. Take one of these actions:
    • Double-click a Form Template name to edit an existing form
    • Click the New Form... button 
    • Click a Form Template name and select Duplicate Form Template...
  3. Click on the body of the form and select a data type. See the bottom of this article for an explanation of data types.

  4. Add more fields and modify the format.

    To change the look of forms:
    • Move a field by dragging and dropping. Display multiple fields on a single row by clicking on a field and dragging it next to another field until you see  
    • Click the Edit Form Info... button to change the form width and set default values for borders, label position, font, text color and background color.
    • Double-click on a field to change the settings for styles, hiding when blank and only showing on printable view. To make style changes to multiple fields, click  and select Edit Form Fields...
    • Select which Address lines are included by editing the field and clicking the Configure... button
    • Hide the label (field name) by editing the field, selecting a Label Position of Left or Right and entering 0 in the Width% field.
    • Add a logo to the header by clicking on the form and selecting "Edit Header..." Click  to the right of Logo and select <New Logo File>. Navigate to the logo file and click OK (The logo file must have an extension of .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png)
    • Include the form name in the header by clicking on the form and selecting "Edit Header..." Then select the checkbox to Display form name in header
    • Delete a field by clicking on it and selecting Delete. To delete multiple fields, click  and select Delete Form Fields...
      For fields with a data type of "list of values", delete the values before you delete the field. (Select 'Edit List of Values', click the Delete... button, highlight all values and click OK.)
    • Hide the form details on the Job Detail page by clicking on Edit Form Info... button and deselecting Expand on Job Detail Page.
    • Print current date and time by inserting a Static Text field and clicking on  to select the date and time formats.
  5. (Optional) Add your form to a Job Template or Activity Packet.
  6. Enter data or print the form.
    1. Go to Job > View Jobs and double-click on the desired job name
    2. Click the New Form... button in the Forms section of the Job Detail page and select the desired form template
    3. Double-click on the name of the form template in the Forms section to enter data
    4. Click Printable View... button in the Forms section. Then, print the form from your web browser. (File > Print) If necessary, change your web browser print settings to prevent the URL or other text from printing at the top or bottom of the page and to adjust the margins.
    5. (Optional) To modify the form template, click on the Form Name and select "Edit Form Template". After you've made your changes, click the back button on your browser or use your Backspace key to return to the Job Detail page.

Additional Information
(Rarely used) To move a custom field from the  Job Info area to the form, click Copy Job Field... button. Only use this function if you want to change where values are entered for a custom job field from the Job Info area to a job form. All the values for that field on all of your jobs will be copied to the form. Once this is done you should delete the custom field from the job.

Note: You can not copy the values for the field back to the  Job Info area.
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