Allow a JobTracker user to View CounterGo Quotes

In order to create CounterGo quotes or edit CounterGo quote drawings, a user must have a  CounterGo license. However, all JobTracker users can view CounterGo quotes, and even edit summary Quote info, if granted appropriate security permissions. For JobTracker users with appropriate permissions, CounterGo quotes show up on the Job detail page.

When CounterGo is purchased by a JobTracker customer, a new security role is created in JobTracker called CounterGo Quotes.

Example of a Job showing the associated CounterGo (CG) Quotes:

Instructions for adding the ability to see CounterGo quotes to a JobTracker user role

  1. In JobTracker, select Admin > Roles menu.
  2. Click the Role Name and select Edit Role 'CounterGo Quotes'... menu.
    Scroll down to the green section to see the specific abilities a JobTracker user with CounterGo Quotes role can perform. For example, checking Update for CounterGo Quotes means a JobTracker user can edit the summary information on a CounterGo Quote. Remember, without a CounterGo license they will not be able to create new Quotes.
  3. Scroll back up to the top of the Edit Role window, click the Select... button to the right of Users.  Check all (non-Admin) users that should be able to view CounterGo quotes (Admin users automatically have access). Click OK.
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