Setting the 'Myself' shortcut for Assignee/Salesperson


JobTracker contains several features that exist simply to "get things done faster". The Myself shortcut is one of these. If the Myself shortcut is defined for the logged in user, rather than having to select their own name from a drop-down list of assignees or salespeople, a quick click on the Myself shortcut is all it takes.


  1. Go to Admin > Users
  2. In the User Name column, click the User Name and select Edit User 'user name'
  3. For this user, set either or both:
    • Assignee: Select Assignee name associated with this user. If selected, this user will see a shortcut for [Myself] when editing activities.
    • Salesperson: Select Salesperson associated with this user. If selected the user will see a shortcut for [Myself] when a salesperson can be selected.
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