View a User's Change Log (History)


In some cases it may be desirable to view changes made by a specific user.  Once the change log is displayed, the browser's find function (CTRL+F) can be used to search for a text string on the page. If you have more than one page, you will need to repeat the search on each page or you can click on the Options button and change the Events per page to a large number like 5000. It's also possible to view changes on a Job, Account, Purchase Order (Inventory Edition only), or Quote (see Related Articles).


  1. Select Admin::Users menu
  2. Click the User Name and select View Change Log for 'user name' 

  3. To filter Change Log entries by timeframe, click Options... button, then specify either Range of Dates or Number of Days and click OK. Optionally, the user can also be changed by selecting a different user.

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