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Moraware support staff can import your existing inventory data from a spreadsheet. We'd typically rather do this for you, instead of you spending time learning to do a complex task that you'll only perform once!
Please contact us to discuss the details.

Before Importing Inventory

Before importing inventory data, your organization should already have processes in place to:

  • Create purchase orders for all material
  • Allocate material to jobs as it is used
  • Track unused material and remnants
  • Change the status of completed job activities
  • Perform a periodical physical inventory count

Preparing for the Inventory Data Import

Begin by downloading one of the sample spreadsheets below or modify a file that has been exported from your inventory system.

Data fields that can be imported into JobTracker Inventory Edition:

Required fields

  • Product Name - (i.e. Granite)
  • Unit of Measure - (i.e. Sq. ft.)
  • Product Attribute(s) - (maximum of 4 columns, i.e. Color, Thickness, Model, etc.)
  • Measurements (Length x Width for products tracked by area)
  • Unit Cost (i.e. cost per sq ft.)

Optional supported fields

  • Quantity (defaults to 1)
  • Remnant designation - (yes to indicate the piece is a remnant)
  • Batch Name - (used for color matching such as a dye lot or bundle)
  • Location - (rack or bin where the piece is located)
  • Serial Number - (you can provide a unique serial number or we can generate a number)
  • Creation Date
  • Description

Download Sample Spreadsheet

Download:  Sample-Serialized-Inventory.xlsx (sample spreadsheet for serial numbered inventory)

Download:  Sample-Unserialized-Inventory.xlsx (sample spreadsheet for non-serial numbered inventory)

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