Change a JobTracker User's Security Privileges


Roles are used to control the system functions and data a user may access. Administrators have access to all system functions. Typically, the number of Administrator users should be limited to as few users as possible, as administrators have unrestricted access to the software. A user must be assigned at least one role in order to log into Moraware JobTracker.


  1. Select Admin > Users menu
  2. In the User Name column, click the User Name to modify and select Edit User 'user name'.
  3. To grant the user access to all system functions, check the Administrator box and skip step 4. (Caution: It is not wise to make everyone an Admin user.)
  4. To assign specific roles, to the right of Roles field click Select... button and check the boxes next to the role(s) you want to assign to this user.
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