Add a Job Activity Set


Job Activity Sets are groups of Job Activity Types (see Related Articles) that enable adding multiple activities to a job in one step, rather than having to add each activity individually. For example, a customer initially asked for just a granite kitchen and now the customer also wants a cultured marble bathroom. An Activity Set can add all the cultured marble activities to the Job in a single step.


  1. Select Job::Edit Settings menu
  2. In the Job Activity Sets section, click the New Activity Set... button
  3. Type a name and click the Select... button
  4. Check the Activity Types to include in this Activity Set * The new Activity Set will look like: 
  5. To add the new Activity Set to an existing Job, go to Job Details and click New Job Activity... button
  6. Select the Job Activity Set from the Activity dropdown
  7. All Activities in the Activity Set are added to the Job. Double-click the Job Activities to schedule them.
    Note: Adding an activity set does not check for duplicate activities. If a Template or Install activity already exist, additional activities will be added when adding an Activity Set that contains those Activity Types.
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