Defining Job Activity Types

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Job Activity Types are the steps in your process for completing each job that you want to schedule and track. These can include your sales, production and follow-up processes. For an overview of adding new Job Activity Types, watch this video or follow the step-by-step instructions below.



  1. Select Job > Edit Settings menu
  2. In the Job Activity Types section, click New Activity Type... button, enter a name and click OK
  3. Click the name of the newly added Activity Type and select Edit Activity Type... 
  4. Edit the following fields:
    • Name  Edit name if desired.
    • Sequence  Enter the number for this activity's step in your process.
    • Color  Select the color to display on the calendar for this job activity.
    • Show on Calendar  Click check-box to include this activity on the calendar.
    • Status  Enter the default status for this job activity.
      • Select Auto-schedule to have JobTracker schedule the activity automatically (based on sequence number, duration and dependencies). You can still reschedule an activity even if the status is set to auto-schedule.
      • Select Estimate if you do not want JobTracker to auto-schedule for you.
    • Duration (optional) Enter the default amount of time to schedule for this job activity.
    • Assigned To (optional)  Select a default assignee for this task.
    • Est. Hourly Cost (optional)  Enter the estimated hourly cost for this job activity if you want to have the value included in the Estimated Activities section of the Quote Detail page.
    • Description (optional)  Describe the activity (only appears on the Job Settings page)
    • Inactive - Select this option to make the activity inactive
  5. (Optional) Click the name of the newly added activity type and select Add Dependency to... Indicate if the activity type should be scheduled before or after another activity type. If you add dependencies, JobTracker will warn you when job activities are scheduled outside the parameters specified.
  6. (Optional) If you've added an activity you want automatically included on new jobs, create a new job template or add your job activity type to an existing template. On the Job Settings page in the Job Template section click on the name of an existing template or click on the New Job Template... button. Click the Select... button to the right of the Job Activity Types field and select the Job Activities to include in the template.
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