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Job Issues are used to track problems or important conversations regarding Jobs. Icons for open or urgent can be used to alert everyone of job issues throughout JobTracker, including on the Calendar and Job Views. Because date, time, and user are logged when changes are made to job issues, they are a convenient way to have an on-going conversation between multiple users, showing the progress toward an issue being resolved.


  1. To add a Job Issue:
    1. Select either menu Job::View Jobs or Calendar::View, click a Job name and select View Job 'job name'
    2. On the Job Details page scroll to the bottom and click New Issue... button
    3. Type in a Subject, select a Status and enter Notes if desired
    4. To view or edit an Issue, click the Subject (example: Waiting on material) and select View Issue...
  2. View Issues on the Job or Calendar page:
    1. Select either menu Job::View Jobs OR Calendar::View Calendar
    2. Click Options... button
    3. Click the Select Fields... button and select the Job Issues field. Click OK.
    4. (optional) To save this view click Save View... button, type a name and click OK.
  3. To Print Job Issues:
    • Print individual issues by clicking on an issue and selecting Printable View
    • Print multiple issues for a job on the Job Detail page. Scroll down to the Job Issues section and click the Printable View... button
    • Print issues as part of an Activity Packet
  4. (optional) Set up Issue Categories:

    Issues may be organized into categories by the type of issue (Examples: "On Hold", "Need Sink Info") or by who's responsible (Example: "Installer")

    1. Go to Job::Edit Settings and scroll down to the bottom of the page
    2. Click New Issue Category... button,enter a name (example: ON HOLD) and click OK 
  5. To modify the print format:
    1. Go to Job::Edit Settings, click a form template name and select Edit Form 'name'
    2. Add fields or modify the format. Here's how to change the look of forms:
      • Add fields by clicking  and selecting Add Form Fields...
      • Move a field by dragging and dropping. Display multiple fields on a single row by clicking on a field and dragging it next to another field until you see  OR
      • Click Edit Form Info... button to change the form width and set default values for borders, label position, font, text color and background color.
      • Double-click on a field to change the settings for styles, hiding when blank and the display name. To make style changes to multiple fields, click Fields and select Edit Form Fields...
      • Select which Address lines are included by editing the field and clicking the Configure... button
      • Add a logo to the header by clicking on the form and selecting "Edit Header..." Click  to the right of Logo and select <New Logo File>. Navigate to the logo file and click OK (The logo file must have an extension of .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png)
      • Delete a field by clicking on it and selecting Delete. To delete multiple fields, click  and select Delete Form Fields...
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