Creating an Activity Series


Activity Series are used to schedule activities spanning multiple days. Members of a series are indicated with a icon. When editing or creating Job Activities, an Activity Series can be established to repeat the Activity over multiple days.

Step by Step

  1. On Job Detail page, click an Activity and select Edit 'activity name'
  2. At the bottom, select New Series drop down and enter the Number of Days that series should last. Click OK

  3. In this example, a series of three 'Install' Activities is created. Each defaults to the scheduled time, duration and assignee of the original 'Install' Activity. They are scheduled sequentially based on the calendar's default workdays setting.

    • To modify one or more members of a series, double-click on the series (Example 1 of 3) and make your selections. (Tip: Select multiple values by clicking the first value and then holding down the Shift key and clicking on the last value.)
    • To override the default Calendar workdays settings and change working days or scheduled time, click the series (Example 1 of 3) and select Edit Series Info... 
    • To extend a series, edit any one of the members of the series and at the bottom of the dialog, select Extend Series and enter the number of days.
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