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Users are internal people who log into JobTracker. Each person using JobTracker should have their own username and password for accountability and tracking change history on Jobs. When adding a user, an option is to give the user Administrator rights which gives that user total access to the system, including adding and deleting other users. Alternatively, users can be assigned one or more Security Roles. Roles determine which areas a user can access such as Accounts, Jobs or Quotes, and whether they can create, read, update or delete data in those areas. 

To give read access to a non-employee, add them as an External User.

For further details on Security Roles and External Users, see Related Articles.

Reminder: Every user needs to either be an administrator or have one or more roles assigned, otherwise they will not be able to access anything when they login.

  1. From the top navigation menu, click Admin and choose Users.
  2. The Users screen has options for External Roles, External Users, Roles and Users. This is the screen to return to if you need to add users or modify existing ones. Click on Users.
  3. The Users screen lists columns of information for all of your users. To create a User, click on the Create icon.

  4. Enter the following information:

  • User Name: the name the employee will use to sign on to JobTracker.  Do not use spaces in the User Name.  It's allowed, but often causes problems.
  • Password: the password the employee will use to log in
  • Confirm Password: re-enter the same password to prevent a mistake
  • Full Name: (optional) the employee's full name
  • Email Address: the employee's email address - required for password reset link
  • Assignee: (optional) the Assignee associated with this user. If selected, the user will see a shortcut for [Myself] when editing activities.
  • Salesperson: (optional) the Salesperson associated with this user. If selected the user will see a shortcut for [Myself] when a salesperson can be selected.
  • Roles: Click Select... button to right of Roles field and check the box next to each desired role
  • Login from anywhere: (optional) Deselect this check-box to specify login locations * use caution with this setting
  • Must Change Password: (optional) check this box to force user to change their password upon initial login.
  • Permissions: from the drop down lists, you can select for the user to be an Administrator or have a Selected Role with specific access.
  1. Click OK.
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