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User Interface

2013-02-01 (Release 4.0)

  • Print all forms as PDF
  • Background colors always print. (Your browser setting used to determine whether or not background colors printed. If you don't want background colors, edit the form template and remove them.)
  • Static Text fields now wrap instead of truncate. (Don't want the extra characters to print? Edit field and remove them.)
  • Include PDF files in Activity Packets
  • Temporarily expand/collapse form on Job Detail page (click on plus/minus sign in front of the form name) To default a form to expand/collapse change the setting on the form template
  • New global setting for default page size for printing. (Admin::System Settings) You can change the size on individual forms by editing the form template and clicking on Edit Form Info button.
  • New global setting for page numbers and the date and time stamp when printing in pdf. Page number prints in the bottom center and the date/time print on the bottom right. Attached PDF files will not have a page number or data stamp added to them.
  • Change log for activity type - see all changes for a specific activity type such as Install go to Job Edit > Edit Settings, click on the activity and select view change log
  • Schedule activities any time of the day 

2012-02-01 (Release 3.5)

  • Attach multiple files at the same time


– New API version to support getting a list of child remnants from a parent serial number, using Connection.GetSerialNumberRemnantsOfParent(). It also adds IsInactive property to Suppliers. You can download the client from


– Upgraded from SQL2008 to SQL2012

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