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Requires subscriptions to CounterGo and JobTracker


To change the JobTracker user associated with CounterGo, it is necessary to remove the old JobTracker user from CounterGo and then add the new one. Reminder: The removed CounterGo user will still be an active user in JobTracker.


If you have more than one CounterGo user:

Only use these instructions if you have multiple CounterGo users. (Single User?)

  1. Make sure you are in CounterGo and go to Admin >  Users  on the green menu bar
  2. Click the UserName to remove from CounterGo and select Remove from CounterGo from the menu. 
    Reminder: The user will remain a JobTracker user.
  3. Click the Add JobTracker User as new CounterGo User... button
  4. Select a user from the list of JobTracker users
    The notice of additional charges only appears when exceeding the current number of paid users - if you see this message, it indicates the earlier step of removing a user was probably not completed correctly.
  5. Select CounterGo Security Roles for the JobTracker user being granted access. To quickly assign all roles, click the top checkbox.
If you have a single CounterGo user:
  1. Log into CounterGo and go to Admin >  Users on the green menu bar
  2. Click the UserName and select Remove from CounterGo – they will still be a JobTracker user
  3. You will then be logged out and see a message that no CounterGo user exists. You can then log in with the JobTracker username you  want   associated  with  CounterGo. (If you aren't ready to log in right then, you'll need to use the special CounterGo link the first time you log into CounterGo. Replace the d.aspx at the end of your JobTracker URL with "go". For example - would be
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