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CounterGo users with Administrator privileges can modify global application and security settings.

Step-by-step: General CounterGo Settings

To change System / Applications Settings (affecting all users):
  1. Select Admin::System Settings menu (must be logged in as a user with Admin rights)
  2. Click Edit Settings... button to update currency symbol, date format, how long log history is retained, and print settings.

Step-by-step: CounterGo Security Settings

To change Security Settings (affecting all users):
  1. Select Admin::System Settings menu (must be logged in as a user with Admin rights)
  2. Select Security tab at left
  3. Click Edit Security Settings... button to modify
    • session length (how long a user can be inactive before requiring login)
    • minimum password length
    • password complexity (more complex passwords are more secure)
    • password expiration
    • number of allowable failed login attempts (limits hacking attempts)

Step-by-step: CounterGo Login Location Settings

Login Location Background:

Intended to minimize the risk of unauthorized access, login locations require a high degree of technical sophistication to implement correctly.  Implemented incorrectly, it can prevent your entire organization from accessing your data.Therefore, it is highly recommended that only the person responsible for IT infrastructure manage location-based security.

  • Login Location is driven off of IP addresses ranges.
  • Users must be selected for Login Location rules to apply - an empty list of Users means NO users fall under the location restrictions.
  • The user option Login from anywhere overrides a user being included in a login location restriction. For example, adding user 'Buddy' to a Login Location called 'Office Only', if Buddy's user account has Login from anywhere checked, that user can still login from anywhere, regardless of being included in the Login Location user list.
Considerations before setting up Login Locations:
  • If your Office does not have a static IP address (meaning it can change), it is very dangerous and unwise to use location-based security.
  • If a location of 'Office' is defined and properly implemented, only users who log in from your Office network will be allowed access. Mobile devices, home access, coffee shop access will all be denied, UNLESS a VPN (virtual private network) is setup so remote users can securely connect to the Office, then connect to Moraware.
  • Identify which users should be restricted to a specific IP address or range of IP addresses.
Steps to change Login Location Settings:
  1. Select Admin::Edit Settings menu
  2. Select Login Locations tab
  3. Click New Login Location... button
  4. Specify a name, enter an IP address range (can be a single address) and click Select... to choose the users affected by this Login Location rule. Click OK
  5. Select Admin::Users menu
  6. For each user on the list of restricted users, confirm restrictions are in effect by inspecting the Login From column in the user list:
  7. For any user that is supposed to be restricted, but is showing a Login From of (Anywhere)
    1. Click the user name
    2. Edit the user
    3. Uncheck Login from anywhere
    4. Set Login allowed from: to the intended Login Location, if not already set
    5. Click OK
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