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Rather than send a Quote as a PDF file attachment, CounterGo offers a Quote emailing feature that includes a link to the Quote. This link allows you to see when and how many times your customer viewed the Quote. This answers the nagging question - "did they receive the Quote email?" 



To send an email, click the Email button on the quote, which is next to the Print button.

When you send an email, you first select an email template. On the email template, you set the  “From” name and email address, along with the default text for the message subject and body. When you create an email, you select a template, then personalize the subject and body for the customer. You may have just one email template sent from “”. Or you could have a template for each salesperson sent from their own email address.

On a technical note, emails are actually sent from a email address. This is done so we can use all the best practices to minimize the chance your email will go into your customer’s spam folder. The “From Email” you set in the template is used as the reply-to address, so when your customer clicks reply, the email is sent to you.

To Edit an Email Template:
  1. Select Quote > Edit Settings menu
  2. On the left, click Email
  3. Click the name of an email template and choose Edit...
  4. Change the From, Subject, and Body of the email.
  5. Click OK

The next time you send a quote via email, the new Template will show up.

At the bottom of the  Quote Detail page is a list of the emails you have sent, showing when they were last viewed by the customer.

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