Customize a Printable Quote Form

Quote printable forms are where you customize the header, footer, and quote information fields that print on your quotes. You could also use a printable form to create an invoice.

The most common things we get asked are:

  • How do I add a logo?
  • How do I change the text at the bottom?
  • How do I show different details (like measurements or pricing) on the drawing or quote lines?
  • How do I make a big version of the drawing?

More details about forms

To view your form, click on the  Print button near the middle of the Quote Detail page and select the desired quote form

  1. Go to Quote::Edit Settings
  2. Double-click on the form template to edit an existing form, single-click on the form template to duplicate a form or click on the New Printable Form button and type in a name
  3. Click on the Fields button and select Add Form Field
  4. Select the Data Type
    • Quote Info - Print quote and information fields from your database. After selecting this data type you will be presented with a drop-down list of fields to choose from
    • Drawing - displays the drawing. After adding this field you can edit the field to hide the measurements, change the font size of the measurements, or show seams
    • Layout - displays the slab layout
    • Quote Lines - displays the quote line details. After adding this field you can edit to hide measurements, add line item prices, or show number of slabs
Modify Quote Formatting
  • Add a logo to the header by clicking near the top of the form and selecting Edit Header... Click on to the right of Logo and select <New Logo File>. Navigate to the logo file and click OK (The logo file must have an extension of .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png)
  • Move a field by clicking on it and dragging it. Display multiple fields on a single row by clicking on a field and dragging it to the left or right of another field until you see
  • Click to change default values for borders, label position, font, text color and background color